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Authenticity. We've always loved and been inspired by it. The perfect holiday !


And in a world getting just slightly homogenous, we found a place with its own atmosphere so distinct, its own history, nature, and culture so unlike any other, that we left the world of major design companies and packed our things for Trancoso.


Living in Trancoso has many rewards and offers so many lessons. Knowing the real Trancoso means staying on the Quadrado, its picturesque, UNESCO-protected town square. Half UXUA's casas date back 500-years to the village's founding. The hotel was crafted using traditional techniques, reclaimed materials, and antiques, all by local artisans collaborating with designer Wilbert Das.


Authenticity is the greatest luxury a visit to Brazil's Bahia state can offer, and living among native families in the heart of old Trancoso delivers the experience naturally, in style and comfort, and with an ethos of sustainability. A stunning rustic beach lounge, and an innovative organic spa complete the perfect holiday.

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