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our story is to find, explore and select the most fascinating travel ideas that you could experience and reshape them tailored just to you. our vision is to motivate you to discover your life's passion, learn or discover something new or fascinating and to simply have the time of your life. no matter where you travel, the goal of globe nomads is to differentiate from what you have experienced so far and guide you to discover a new side of you. we believe that true luxury is to do what you love doing, and often the extraordinary experiences we remember and share. we believe that seizing the moment can transform the world within us, and around us. we believe we can ignite inspiration by connecting individuals with personalities at the top of their fields. we believe in helping others, so every item sold helps a charity or cause. we believe in transforming the globe into reality then life is not so much about winning the race, but helping others on the way.


your story:

click on 'my story' to add your own story and edit as you wish. it's easy. just click 'my story' and you can start adding your own content and share with globe nomads.



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