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beeing globe nomads

this is our offer for you to choose and to have the time of your life. your choice is between escape , escape travel - each will give you access to the globe nomads community and many extraordinary experinces. choose the subscription that is best for you.

Globe Nomads


you will be able to access our globenomads website, and your choice of destinations completely for free

free access to all our escape offers, sanctuaries, surf's up, ski's up, lux camping, live local offers, nightnight,  news & blog section


get inspired by our carefully

selected offers and

book your choice of property

through our carefully selected partners


No Annual Membership Fee 

we made it easy for you to help you find your escapes


you can choose between a free membership or become a globe nomads member or simply choose to be inspired and then  get ready to have the time of your life.  no matter where you travel, the goal of globe nomads, is to differentiate from what you have experienced so far. we believe that we can ignite and inspire and motivate you to be part of the global nomads community. so it's for you to choose and become a member and start being  inspired by the exclusive selection of properties we can offer you.



pack your prada
Globe Nomads

escape travel

you will access our offers and escape to your choice of destinations becoming part of the globe nomads community

access to escape offers

get inspired by our carefully selected membership offers and book your choice of property through our selection of offers

with our carefully selected partners


special offers from luxury brands

access to cultural, lifestyle, fashion and sports events around the globe

Room upgrades upon arrival

exclusive offers all year round

Your personalized inspiration book 

Travel upgrades, discounts and perks

Half-price offers on new additions

Membership to 600+ airport lounges worldwide

attend our exclusive bi-annual charity/lifestyle events organized in both Zurich and New York/Miami

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by Invitation only

Annual Membership upon application

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