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bon voyage globe nomads

we made it easy for you.  you can choose between a free membership or become an escape member and simply choose to be inspired by telling us a few details about you and then you can  get ready to have the time of your life.  no matter where you travel, the goal of globe nomads, is to differentiate from what you have experienced so far. we believe that we can ignite and inspire and motivate you to be part of the global nomads community. so it's for you to choose to be an escape city member and start being  inspired by the exclusive selection of properties we can offer you through our escape city selection at no extra cost. 

you choose between a free subscription or an annual membership susbscription.


we will create a dream plan for you 
  • to register as an annual escape member  you log-in to the register tab of our website. 

  • You then let us know about yourself; your interests, preferences, tastes and inclinations, and what trip you are looking for.

  • at the same time, we can give you advice and tips as to what will suit you best and start putting together a plan for your trip and an inspiration book. 

  • we will then create your very personal globe nomad world with your individual needs and your personal access code.

  • once we’ve got the information we need, we’ll put together a detailed plan of the ideal trip for you, based on your preferences and requests that we discussed.

  • your travel designer will often tap into the knowledge of the whole team of experts here, as well as their own extensive experience, so you have the benefit of years of travel experience creating your dream trip.

we refine until we reach perfection
pack your prada
  • you’ll then receive your first detailed travel plan from us, which we hope you’ll love.

  • it’s all about getting the details perfect for you. so, tell us your feedback so that we can tweak and adjust the plan so it’s just right.

  • through your personal log-in site you will have diffrent plans presented to you on regular basis.

  • if you choose to be an escape city member, you just select and book any of our offers in the escape selection.  

  • all memberships have access to our offers section. we hope you like our suggestions, it's for you to choose.

  • once you’re happy with everything, let us know and we’ll put the holds in place and once all is confirmed;  for paid annual subscriber memberships we’ll  send you your numbered and personal travel inspiration book with your dream trip to share with friends and family or simply use it as a coffee table book.

  • anything else we can do for you? call us - we will help you pack . 


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