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The Card

Globe Nomads is transforming the traditional credit and debit card by building a community of select members who receive special benefits and exclusive access. 

  • Secure reservations and receive top-tier treatment at restaurants throughout the city.

  • Shop and experience special unveilings and service at some of the best luxury boutiques.

  • Attend Globe Nomads hosted cocktail parties, dinners, concerts, art openings, and other unique events.

  • Receive access and recommendations to many of the most fun venues across the city.

  • Each member carries our distinctive metal membership card, which extends and enhances their pre-existing credit or debit card, and provides perks, benefits, and access to numerous high-end brands.

  • Upon admittance, Globe Nomads will construct a card for each new member.

  • We will then extend the magnetic signature from the member's personally owned credit or debit card onto their new Globe Nomads card.

  • The card provides perks, access, and top-tier service at restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, and hotels. Cardholders can socialize and network at Globe Nomads-sponsored concerts, private dinners, art openings, and other special events.

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